We here at Urban Mogul Life have been at this thing for over 4 years now, and by far our most famous post is the one about Illuminati. It was a nice Boondocks style article that mocked the current state in Hip Hop where some of us felt every rapper making more than $100 […]

As the founder of GlobalGrind, I created our site to have fun and prove that we could be successful with post-racial content that didn’t play to the cheap seats for success. At the same time, GlobalGrind is selling a progressive and positive political agenda that I hope makes the world a better place. Most sites […]

With all of this Illuminati talk the last year or so, many of you Moguls may wonder how can you exactly tell if a person is in the Illuminati. Well first of all any entertainer that is successful is one!! And out of the rest 15% of them are also down with the crew. But […]

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.958779&w=425&h=350&] “I know if I’m on a record with Jay-Z, not only are my rhymes gonna be on point, not only is the flow gonna be intact, but the way I say the words … The title of the record, the meaning of the record, is the title big enough for the expectations of […]

So we have an urban myth going around that Jay-Z is a member of the Illuminati! Youtube has tons of videos dedicated to this topic as well as your local bootlegger may have a copy for you to view also, but are these rumors fact or fiction. I was forced to watch one of the videos the […]

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