Some people take this snow business too far. The Ice Hotel features 10 standard rooms and 15 prestige suites, including five igloos. Each room contains a bed that sits on top of a base made entirely of ice. The temperature in each room is only 41 degrees Fahrenheit/5 degrees Celsius. Thermal sleeping bags are […]

I swear it seems like Dubai gets every damn thing. Now these cats will have a chance to sleep with the fish and wake up to tell people about it. Dubai has plans to open the  “Water Discus, a futuristic hotel with one component located about 10 meters beneath the sea. The bottom component will […]

Make no mistakes about it, Urban Moguls are everywhere. I been telling y'all to share your thoughts, clips,conquest, cool,  jewelz or what have you with us. My man Drepoupon took me up on that offer. I always thought of myself as being above others as far as my thought process. So it’s inevitable for me [...]

Have you ever wanted to do some super-hero type things, but were too nervous? Well this video is for you. 3 friends ride an outside elevator to the top of a hotel in Spain and jump off!! I got a rush just looking at the video.

  Rock legend Lenny Kravitz has jumped into the hotel designing business. The singer-songwriter is said to be working on rooms for the SLS Hotel at South Beach, set to open next year in Miami, Florida as a sister property to the luxury SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills, California. Kravitz, who runs a design studio called […]

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For around $1400 a night, you can sleep on a giant mushroom to experience the ultimate high! The installation, which includes a floating hotel room on a platform shaped like a mushroom, gives guests an “opportunity to dive into the world of soma,” the museum said. Soma is a mythical drink with powers to heal, […]

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