Growing up there were just certain things that was considered by everyone to be tradition. As long as I can remember American society has has shown that people grow up get a job, get married have kids and buy the house with the white picket fence. The largest purchase is typically your house, after being […]

  For the right price you too can wipe your ass with gold. The sparkling paper will cost you 1.3 million!! Not sure about you, but for that much money my ass better shine for the next week and the paper would have to last me years. But hell I know some of you Moguls […]

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen,  the iKettle may be a nice start. This coffee pot sends you a message when it is done instead of the old-school whistle. The crux of the kettle’s capabilities is its ability to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This puts it in contact with an accompanying […]

  There isn’t anything better than a big ball of ice splashed with Kool-Aid. If this sounds like your cup of ice, snatch up this lil contraption. This is guaranteed to keep your party off the hook Moguls. $35

Now this is livin the Mogul Life!!!!  

  This is a perfect addition to your game room or man cave. This Tetris Light cost you $42 and you get to set up the blocks however you like! I mean who can beat that?

How small is too small? How long can you live in a spot that is only 300 square feet before feeling closed in? Well it looks like you may be able to get your chance if you live in New York City. The city has approved plans for the construction of apartments that will only […]

  So this is what $11 million can get you? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have a new spot y’all according to TMZ. Kim and Kanye have owned the house for a few weeks … and they’ve already gutted it and are designing a 14,000-square-foot dream home in its place. The new home will be […]

Now you can sleep with the fishes and wake up to tell about it. The Acrylic Tank will set you back around $11,500.

Ronald “Slim” Williams, co-founder of Cash Money Records recently copped the largest single family home in South Florida! The home measures a whopping 30,300-square-feet, and includes an indoor tennis court, a movie theater, a wine room, and a 6,000-square-foot multipurpose room. The crib set Slim back $7.5 million, he paid straight cash homie. Source Nicki Minaj may […]

Directed and photographed by Florian Böhm Set Design by Paolo Bonfini Narration: Eckhart Nickel Editing: Barbara Gies Music: Benedikt Brachtel Produced by Florian Böhm Office, Munich Production Rome: Paolo Bonfini srl

  Yep that’s right Moguls, Bathing Ape Tissue. Probably cost about $5 per tissue!!! I bet you would actually check how many tissues your guest grab from these boxes. Look for it in coming weeks.

Just in time for tailgating season Kebo comes out with the one-hand bottle opener. Now you can get your double fist on without missing a sip. $25

  Nike Zoom Kobe VII Elite White/Metallic Gold-Black-Neutral Grey Style #: 511371-100 05/12/2012 $200

If you have a big enough yard why not cop one of these for those cool spring nights? For the most part fire pits aren’t exactly setting the world on fire in terms of design—with the exception of the Third Rock Fire Pit, which does so quite literally. Designed by functional steel artist Rick Wittrig, […]

Baita Design

Lenny Kravitz started Kravitz Design Inc. as a vehicle to transport his style into the home. His cool brings trendy designs that are contemporary but yet classic. “Design has always been a great interest of mine. Even as a child, it was very important as to how my room was arranged and what items were […]

I don’t fool around with pools too much. But if I had this in my backyard, I damn sure would splash around in it!!! Ballin out of control!!

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