Tis the season to be a Mogul y’all. The crew returns this Holiday week to talk Work Husband/Wife. J’ Kreem and Bonnie K from Twisted Sisterz give us a few examples of what that title officially means. The Pack also takes a look at Diddy and his wish to own the Carolina Panthers. And two […]

This episode Eric and Seth discuss Christmas! They tell a few stories and really dive into if pussy is an acceptable gift! Lol it was fun! Vibe with us!  

We all know what time of the year it is, with that being said we will either be hosting or visiting someone humble a bold. There’ll be friends and family present, maybe some new guest. If your your a guest in someone else’s domain here’s a few things to remember. 1. Remember to be on […]

You know how the game goes, you need a date for the hoilidays. Some great looking arm-candy to waltz in front of your family and friends like, look at what I have!! Well some dude posted an ad on craigslist requesting for that special someone to join him as he dashes through the snow. Let […]

Eva lets us know what will probably be on the menu this Thanksgiving. “I fry the turkey because I love the way it tastes and it’s easy. He’s [Tony] adapted to the Mexican culture rather easily because it’s all around him. Every year we have a tamalería which involves all of the cousins, aunts, my mom and […]

All this talk about a recession and tough times can sink into your mentals if you let it. Some may be having a hard time, and the upcoming holiday season, which, in my opinion, can be compared to Santa Claus committing mass armed robbery, may bring on a few “bah humbugs”. If you can’t keep […]

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