The Summit returns after an extended hiatus to discuss hip-hop pioneers and why we don’t respect them. From Kane to KRS-One why don’t the greats make any more music? And if they do will we listen? Also, the crew has a discussion pertaining to the current flood of new music that has dropped the first […]

We have new music from Young Deuces, one half of the rap group SNYD. Dropping on his birthday we at UML just wanna wish you a Happy Birthday and let everyone know about the new joint.

Justin Bieber dropped a few bars over the Otis beat. This has to be the 100th time we have heard a rapper over this track. But since it is the Biebs I will give him a pass.

The visionary entrepreneur and author of the New York Times bestseller Do You! delivers a powerful guide to true abundance. Russell Simmons knows firsthand that wealth is rooted in much more than the stock market. True wealth has more to do with what’s in your heart than what’s in your wallet. Using this knowledge, Simmons […]

“I’m sitting in the crib dreaming about leer jets and coupes/ The way Salt shoops/ And how to sell records like Snoop” There is nothing better than a b-girl standing in her b-girl stance!! Simple as that!! Women and Hip Hop go together like all-white Air Force 1’s and white t’s. Classic. Sometime after Snoop […]

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