“Guess who’s bizack/ You still smellin’ crack in my clothes Don’t make me have to relapse on these hoes” This week to kick off our partnership with TheRealMidwestRadio.com, we brought Aye Gee to the Lounge. We talked everything from Charlottesville, Virginia to Tang and North Korea. We also touched on what does trolling mean on […]

The blurred lenses are starting to clear up and many people starting to looking the same to me. We live in a time when social media magnifies everything that occurs, everyone is holding a camera ready to go LIVE. I find it nauseating that you can have proof in hand of injustices but it’s never […]

  Looks like Kanye West has a few words for some of the dudes out there who think they’re stylin. The Louis Don went on a rant about all the things in the fashion world that he hates, from hoodies and sport coats to khaki cargo shorts. The only question I have is where does […]

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