Malinda Williams shares her Fresh with the ladies.

Naturally beautiful Moguls Sasha Ricketts and Natasha Dunn talk about their journey to making ‘I Love Afro’ a thriving business. Click the image for the full story…

Coolio is really holding on to days long gone, isn’t he?

On Saturday June 26th, Travel Wisconsin, Kosmik Kare Day Spa, and Dreadz N’ Headz salon will bring the 2011 Natural Hair Care Expo to Milwaukee, WI at the Wisconsin African-American Women’s Center. The event has been tremendously successful in cities like Baltimore, MD and Cleveland, OH and promises to provide a wealth of resources, information and […]

This isn’t real is it? I mean hip-hoppers/business men/players/baby daddies/ moguls just don’t sit in a person’s chair and get this put in. Maybe this is a late April Fool’s joke? Maybe? I mean it sort of looks like a wet beaver sittin on his head!!!! Or maybe, just maybe this is for a new […]

Seems like everyone is picking on LeBron James this week. So I guess we can add to the chuckles.

This happens to be Black Blogger Month over at Black Enterprise Magazine. During a quick glance this morning, I ran across an article on Ms. Patrice Yursik, founder of, a site that caters to sisters and their natural hair. I found her blog a few months ago and intended to try to get an […]

In 2011, Jheri Curls aren’t “mogul-esque” worth a damn! But you know just like I do…90% of you have a picture buried somewhere of you shining like new money thanks to your curl…and it’s all too necessary “curl juice” 😉 Enjoy a private laugh on us.   FYI….I never had a Jheri Curl.. 😉

AMEN to that…

Okay Moguls, what do you think…

Looks like Chris Brown changed his do!! What you think Moguls?

Don’t know about this one Moguls!!!

Lookin’ only about 5 years removed from the womb, and fresh off of 30 minutes of Willow Smith on repeat…this junior diva strikes a vicious pose…. A Junior She-Mogul no doubt!! Related Articles Willow Smith Is Still Whippin’ Her Hair ( Willow Smith: Fresh Princess of Bel Hair! ( Watch now: Willow Smith’s “Whip My […]

Sooo…WillowSmith hits the stage on the Ellen Degeneres show for her first ever performance.  If we ever doubted whether or not the swag was hers or just a borrowed “bag” from her pops…we now know the truth.  Willow, at age 10, put together a sound all around performance.  It was full of personality, eye-catching choreography […]

This is what happens when you combine two internet sensations. Willow Smith provides the music, while Sesame Street gives us the visuals. Thanks to Mec Jagger for actually putting the two together. Maybe this will lead Willow to actually going to Sesame Street and performing with Elmo?

It’s probably not the title you’d expect for a MP post, but trust me…it’s appropriate.  In an effort to support the career of a dear friend of mine, I agreed to be  a hair model for her at  beauty school. [Enter Disclaimer]: This post is not to highlight, criticize, or besmirch the efforts of my […]

Janet was spotted with the short hair going on. She still looks good to us.

If you have not already heard the hoopla around coconut oil, UML is here to get you up to speed.  There are myriad uses for coconut oil, from health to beauty.  Those who swear by it claim that it helps with stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, kidney […]

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