On this week’s episode Haize opens the show discussing the fallout of the midterm elections, The Andrew Bello joins to talk about the fall of the Marvel Netflix Universe and finally ends the show comparing the gun laws of the United States versus other countries. Scoop Grady is back with The Petty News. 3:59 In […]

We tackle many different subject matters, this time we sit down with Marchelle “Tig” Washington owner/operator of Trigger Happy Firearms Instructions.  For this one I was in my fan pocket but I was able to get some questions out, we talked about her goal of delivering firearms safety and fundamentals training to at 1 million […]

    No matter what you may think about guns, they are here to stay. Some of us now have the dilemma on where to store the gats? Hiding a gun in a locked closet may hamper an owner from getting to it in a time of need. And if you have kids in the […]

No…that isn’t the official title…but if I was an Art Making Mogul…it’s the one I would choose! Intriguing piece… And, if you know the artist or the real name of it, drop us a note and we’ll call’em both by name. Enjoy the eye candy…

The right of private American citizens to own guns will be up for discussion before the Supreme Court, again. Specifically, it will review the constitutionality of the laws and restrictions that cities and states often place on gun ownership within their boundaries. I, for one, would love to see the Supreme Court strike down laws […]

I know Yung Mogul touched on this topic already, but I just have to add my Lincolns to the situation. I really don’t know what to say about Gilbert Arenas and his current situation, other than some people don’t deserve the privileged life. How can you, a NBA star, bring guns into your locker room??? […]

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