Meet the world’s smallest .45 caliber gun; The Double Tap. The gun, made by Heizer Defense, come in aluminum ($500) and titanium ($700). It can hold 2 bullets in the over and under barrels and holds another two in the handle.      

Now this is what I call a gun. Let off two shots instead of one! I can dig it. The AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol by Arsenal Fireams is one mean gun, and unfortunately somebody will catch some hot one with this. “The gun can be handled by any shooter able to shoot with a .45 […]

I keep wondering….if this is breakfast, then what the Hell is on the agenda for lunch time?

Back in 1997 Bruce Willis did battle against the forces of Zorg in the movie The 5th Element. Zorg was your standard “rule the universe” type cat who was thwarted by the prophetic musings of a scantily clad Mila Jovovich. In addition to being a galactic bad guy, Zorg was an arms dealer. At the […]

Pistol packing granny picture is from the UNDP-Olympus-AEP Foundation Photo Contest.

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