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Have you ever heard of Tom Wigglesworth? Nope? Well how about Aaron Rodgers? Yep? Well there is this dude named Tom Wigglesworth who looks an awful lot like Aaron Rodgers. So much in fact that he was able to fool the good folks of Green Bay. Check this video out and see it for yourself.

Recently UML got the chance to sit down and chat with Dr. George E. Koonce Jr. We see that you have been keeping busy since retirement. Let’s start out by asking who was your favorite football player growing up? GK: Reggie White. He was my favorite player growing up. How ironic was it that I […]

It is finally here. The only reason to welcome the cold weather is finally upon us. Yep that’s right my friends, the 2012-2013 NFL season is set to kick off this Wednesday when the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants square off with the Dallas Cowboys. Sweet! So with a new season comes predictions. […]

The two reigning MVPs of Wisconsin, Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun plan on opening a restaurant this summer. The spot called 8-Twelve will serve American classics prepared over a wood-fire grill. Sounds like a great spot to catch a game or two.

Just in case you forgot, Sam Shields is a Super Bowl champion. The Green Bay Packer CB recently got a picture of his Super Bowl ring tatted on his neck for the whole world to see! You know how we feel about neck tats what is your impression Moguls?

It looks like Greg Jennings may have a career in acting should this lockout last longer than we expected. No lie, this little speech got us hyped, let’s get some Madden on Moguls!! And for your info, Greg scored 2 touchdowns in the Super Bowl!!

Over 111 million people tuned in to see my Green Bay Packers crush the Pittsburgh Steelers, making it the most watched program in television history!! “Super Bowl XLV caps what is arguably the most successful season that any sports league has ever had,” said Pat McDonough, senior vice president for insight and analysis at the […]

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I had no idea that Weezy is a Cheese Head!! He recently added to the Super Bowl hype by dropping this freestyle to rep for The Packer Nation! *The Packer bandwagon has officially closed the doors. There is no more room!! Please wait until early June when new spots are made available to the public!!

It is finally here, Super Bowl week!!! And oh how I love it when my team is in the championship!! I have a funny feeling that the Packers will “steel” one from the Steelers. What you think Moguls? Green Bay Packers or Pittsburgh Steelers??

It’s times like this that makes being a die-hard fan all the sweeter!!! The Green Bay Packers are going to the Super Bowl for the first time in 13 years! Priceless! For a limited time there will be bandwagon seats available to the general public. It is first come first serve, so act fast. Who […]

Brett Favre could be available to start his final NFL game Sunday — assuming his concussion clears — because the league has decided not to sit him down. But Favre was fined $50,000 Wednesday by commissioner Roger Goodell for his lack of cooperation amid an investigation that Favre sent inappropriate messages and photos to former […]

  “Who are they going fire? You or Childress?”

A new line of NFL themed purses and handbags should give the “Sports Minded She-Mogul” something to cheer about!  If nothing else, you’ll score major points with the He-Mogul in your life rockin’ one of these on football Sunday 😉 Pick one from your favorite team…or his.

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