The 115th U.S. Open is upon us and I have one question and that’s, why is Tiger Woods still so polarizing.  Don’t get me wrong I still like his game but the former no. 1 ranked golfer is ranked 195th in the world and remains stuck at 14 majors.  The 14 majors alone is […]

And why did he call LeBron James a thug?????

If  you’ve ever golfed before, you know that “in the rough” refers to a golf shot that lands in a less than desirable location. If you’ve never golfed before, even you can see that the situation Tiger, the greatest golfer in the world, finds himself in today, is less than desirable. But let’s look at […]

Damn that was fast, wasn’t it? I mean to go from being chased by golf clubs Thanksgiving weekend, to being divorced before the following Labor Day…. damn!! I have seen divorces dragged out longer than the Simpsons’ series and Scottie Pippen’s arms! Not sure on the how the money was split, but I am sure […]

Forbes magazine has announced that Tiger Woods is the first sports figure to become a billionaire. Another milestone reached in an already illustrious career.

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