The most essential part of the present is remembering the past. Without knowing our history, we can’t really understand where we are at presently. Corey Shapiro and The Vintage Frames Company premiers it’s series on The History Of Eyewear In Hip-Hop. Our first episode begins with legendary super producer Jermaine Dupri as he takes us […]

One good thing about the dress code for NBA players is that we get to see fashion sense that these gentlemen have. They have forgone the sagging pants and brought out the suits, crazy shirts, and now the Dwayne Wayne glasses. Dwyane Wade tapped into his inner geek and pulled out a pair of these […]

  If I told you once, I told you twice; Warby Parker is the answer for your opticals. I love a good pair of glasses, but I will be damned if I pay some of those outlandish prices. I love to style, don’t get it twisted. But some things you can cut corners on, and […]

Designer Rikke Hagen explains the idea behind the Cognac glasses: “I wanted to craft a cognac glass. The perfect gift to the man, who has everything. The inspiration springs from my own perception of when you drink a cognac; that is when you have time and in calm surroundings. I wanted the glass to give […]

I love a good pair of sunnies, so that means I love 9five. I have a pair of their frames and I may have to add another one to my collection.

It seems like glasses have taken on a life of their own. And the bigger they are the better they are. Even kids are jumping on the eyewear bandwagon by wearing glasses with no prescription and sometimes no glasses. So where can you snatch up a pair of Steve Urkels? How about Warby Parker […]

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