As we grow older and wiser on our quest to master relationships, from time to time we will run across a scary one. You know the one that looked so good from across the room, but as you get to know this person certain indicators let you know that their was a reason why he/she was […]

Jalen Rose describes to Bill Simmons and David Jacoby how NBA players will request that their wives and girlfriends sit on opposite sides of the arena.

“Talk about h)es, I muthafu*kin embarrass you” Kanye West has sure had his taste of women the past 8 years. And I don’t even think this is all the bodies he bodied over the years.

As an Urban Mogul professional, I find that my social life is often lacking. Fortunately, I’ve been able to gather a group of fellow women moguls who were lamenting the overwhelming piles of work, incessant emails, and long hours. We agreed that we were in need of some good times outside of the office. Initially, […]

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