It’s been a long time shouldn’t have left you…. Awww nevermind! I’m still holding onto the numer one spot by a mere eight points. Again this is marathon and not a sprint, hopefully I can keep this up!

Well week 11 is upon us and we made it to the half way point of the season. I currently hold a 14 point lead on second place and now I’m carrying the ball downhill. I’m looking to finish the season strong and go back to back. I’m totally focused and without further here my […]

My favorite day of the week is here and another has passed and I’m still in pole position. I’ve been very modest while handing it to these cats in this Pick ‘Em league, it’s almost not fair for them. Yep I was the CHAMPION last year and looking to go back to back on these […]

A little later than the previous week on releasing my picks but better late then never. In my Luda voice “I’m in the numba 1 spot!”. Let’s hope my good fortune continue this even though I forgot my Thursday pick, but with no further a due here’s my week 9 picks.      

Here’s my week 8 picks, I was able to pull within 1 point of first place. There’s still a lot of season remaining.

Week 6 was good for me, good enough to get back into second place with my focus dead set on first. The season is a marathon and not sprint. Well here’s my picks for week 7.

Somewhere in the 80’s and early 90’s Kobe Bryant had his VCR¬†on record mode. And he must have watched over and over again Michael Jordan games from sun down til sun up. And once daylight hit, he was on the court practicing. While AI was complaining about practice, Kobe Bryant was putting in work. And […]

Do you have $12,000 to spend on a chess set? If you do this is probably the set for you. A special hand-crafted set that displays famous African-Americans from yesterday and today. Lisa Matthews handcrafted this remarkable chess board that features¬†some of the most profound figures in Black history on a chess set. This particular […]

No Mogul should sit at the card table and not know how to shuffle cards. For those of you who may lack the flair of mixing cards the web site The Art of Manliness is here to help you out.

  This is the perfect way to have a chess game going without it being in the way. Buy

This set even comes with its own scoring card!! This is a great way to play someone for lunch!! $5.99

Gangsta ass ninja’s don’t blink!!!

Game has nothing to worry about after the LA Sheriffs department accepted his apology for a joke going wrong. Last week the Compton rapper tweeted a series of random phone numbers that ended up being to the sheriff’s station. An influx of calls soon followed as thousands of followers began calling the station. Yesterday Game […]

Now that Watch The Throne has come and gone, what are you looking forward to? Lil Wayne? Drake? J. Cole? How bout Mary J? Me, I need that Phonte, Drake, Mary J. Blige and J. Cole and I should be straight. If those deliver then I am cool. August 16 Median – The Sender Richie […]

Bow Wow wanted to donate $1,000 in Kobe Bryant’s pocket it looked like. The rapper challenged the Black Mamba to a game of one-on-one, where the loser would have to fork over a stack. Who you think won?    

How long have you been waiting for this album Moguls? Look for it August 23rd.

Click the image for the full story…

During a youth basketball game someone hit the shot that most of us only dream about. Now we’re sure that we should overlook the traveling violation that the kid committed to make this once in 3 lifetimes shot. Way to go kid!! We have a spot for you in the NBA where everyone travels.

Tia Mowry looks Fresh on the cover of Regard Magazine. In the issue she talks about education, growing up and relationships.   On growing up and collegeI think I was able to thrive because my parents focused on me living a normal life. I went to college at Pepperdine University, and traveled the world. I […]

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