No matter what you may think about guns, they are here to stay. Some of us now have the dilemma on where to store the gats? Hiding a gun in a locked closet may hamper an owner from getting to it in a time of need. And if you have kids in the […]

  This is a perfect addition to your game room or man cave. This Tetris Light cost you $42 and you get to set up the blocks however you like! I mean who can beat that?

Directed and photographed by Florian Böhm Set Design by Paolo Bonfini Narration: Eckhart Nickel Editing: Barbara Gies Music: Benedikt Brachtel Produced by Florian Böhm Office, Munich Production Rome: Paolo Bonfini srl

This is the perfect chair to have in your weekend getaway crib. You can chill like you are in your very own bird’s nest!! And to tell you the truth, the chair actually looks comfy!

Baita Design

With a name like Papa Bear Loveseat, it has to be Cool!!!   $3,600

OK where would this go??  

  Now this looks like the way to spend a long summer’s day, if it ever gets here. The Siesta Bench by Emanuele Magini.

For you Moguls with a small living space, this island is for you. You can store and wash dishes in this joint.

This is an interesting concept for your Mogul-Manor. Wet-tar looking furniture. Art nouveau meets contemporary production with a new set of chairs and stools by modern designer Michael Stolworthy.  Elegant and organic, formidable and whimsical, they offer not only a place to rest, but an opportunity to reflect.  Contemplative pieces like dripping tar that welcome a […]

Not sure where this could go in your crib, but if you want to chill like a god why not look the part? Italian furniture designer Tappezzeria Rocchetti created this little sofa.  

Every Mogul needs a place to store their hooch! Contemporary Furniture $789

The web is full of goodies.  Even other sites claiming to cater to the Mogul. This one…..might be legit.  Check one company’s idea of Mogul Furniture…. What do you think Moguls….is it worthy? Maybe we should talk to them about designing/furnishing the Mogul Office Space. Comments welcome…..

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