Foreign Exchange

  One of my favorite groups is coming back with it this fall. Phonte announced via Twitter that Foreign Exchange will return just as the leaves fall off the trees with some new grooves to reflect to. #LoveInFlyingColors, coming this fall. RT @ItsDavidJones you ever gonna do another foreign exchange album? Y’all ready Moguls???

Phonte is about to give the fans what they been waiting on, a solo album. Not sure if this will be all hip-hop or all sing song, but I will bet my bottom dollar that it will be worth the price of admission. Charity Starts At Home drops September 27th on +FE Music. 01. Dance […]

This video was a little disturbing to watch to say the least. It was an ending that I didn’t have to see or at least make a surprising twist. But far too often these types of situations can be predictable, unfortunately.  Regardless to what you think, this video will stir up some reaction.

The Foreign Exchange is top shelf over at the UML lounge, where only good music is played. If you’re into that pop that is played on your local station, then this isn’t for you. Phonte and Nicolay is grown folks music. The type of music you play when you are in total chill mode at […]

This is good news to me. I played the hell out of their last album Leave It All Behind. In fact, it is one of the great albums in my collection of music. So it goes without saying that I am looking forward to the new Phonte & Nicolay album Authenticity. Let’s hope they get […]

Alright let me put you up on some new-new just in case you were sleeping. If you know anything about the Foreign Exchange then you should know about YahZarah. And if you don’t check out this video and consider yourself officially put on!!

Foreign Exchange – Valediction Hi-Tek – Tony Guitar Watson Jimi Hendrix – The New Rising Sun

Foreign Exchange drops another video from their classic album “Leave It All Behind”. This video is a follow-up to their “Take Off The Blues/Valediction” video. These songs as well as the videos sum up very well what many of us go through in our quest for the happily ever after. Just in cased you missed […]

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