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The first kickoff of the NFL season as come already, but we have finally arrived to the first Sunday of the season and I’ve made my game picks. Let’s see how I do!

Damnit there is a God!!!! Yep and every year around this time He/She smiles upon us common folks in the United States and blesses us with FOOTBALL!!!! Damn it feels good. It reminds me of playing football in the streets with my friends during those cool fall days after school. When we would play from […]

  Apple TV is adding a little NFL to the line-up this month via an app. The channel will include content such as; Original Content Created for NFL Now: From the NFL Media studios inLos Angeles, NFL Now will create original content — news updates, shows, features, and more — designed specifically for digital platforms. Highlights of NFL Action: […]

I fools with Directv, and the only reason is because I need Sunday Ticket in my life. Sunday is not a fun day if I can’t scroll thru umpteen games trying to figure out what is the best watch. But now it looks like you can stream the NFL Sunday Ticket without having Directv. However, […]

In Black College Football world, October is known for the Circle City Classic in Indianapolis. However, there are handfuls of other games during this month, including the State Fair Classic featuring UML’s very own Grambling State University. Which games are you checking for Moguls? Music City Classic 10/06/12; Lane College vs. Albany State; Macon, GA; weblink […]

It is finally here. The only reason to welcome the cold weather is finally upon us. Yep that’s right my friends, the 2012-2013 NFL season is set to kick off this Wednesday when the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants square off with the Dallas Cowboys. Sweet! So with a new season comes predictions. […]

Well Randy Moss wasted no time in finding a home. The future hall of famer has signed a one year deal with the San Francisco 49ers. Given Randy’s past one deal is about how long it takes before he pisses someone off. Now we wait to see where Peyton Manning ends up.

Damn I bet it feels good to win $500,000 off a NFL game. Well to win $500,000 off anything I can dig. 50 Cent was able to bank off the New York Giants success over the 49ers.He took to Twitter to let us know exactly how it feels. I love the NEW YORK see this […]

Ever so often someone shows up somewhere in blackface. This time it was a few Arizona State fans who decided to pull out the black paint for a game against Missouri.

This would be the perfect gadget for your football Sundays. As a matter of fact, for you double fisted Moguls you can get two of them. Damn, I love this time of the year. Football is here!!!! $28

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Here we go, another weekend another HBCU Classic. This week the spotlight is on Tennessee State University as they go up against North Carolina A&T State University in the Circle City Classic.

Well it looks like Prairie View has woke up and smelled the piss! The dream is over and it came to a screeching halt Saturday night as Grambling opened a can of “put you in your place,” by defeating PV 34-17!! You know it is always bittersweet when you defeat a historically weak opponent! On […]

Prairie View A&M University, the defending SWAC Champion and State Fair Classic Champion, is reportedly having their football team and PVAMU Marching Storm fitted for custom-made galoshes!  Unconfirmed reports indicate that school and team officials were concerned about their student athletes and band members when it was widely projected that PVAMU would “stomp a mud […]

It is Classic season, and around these parts we get pretty hyped for it. Friend and Kinships can become forever tarnished after a hard-fought Classic! Me being a Grambling State Alum, I have made plenty of temporary enemies during HBCU football season. Just ask all of my family members that went to the lowly Southern […]

I don’t understand this rule. If you catch a ball, get both feet down and fall all inside the endzone, you now have to come up with the ball also? Alright NFL, what other rules do you have up your sleeve to ruin games? Someone owes Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions an apology!

The weather is changing, school is starting, and the boys of fall are ready to take the field to defend the honor of their perspective institutions.  For years, storied Universities and Colleges have come together backed by their students and Alumni to do battle on the gridiron…and of course…they bring THE band: This Fall will […]

When will professional athletes learn? I’ll be the last one to say Ben is guilty simply because I don’t believe in throwing stones when I don’t have the slightest bit of real insight. But I will say that if you’re a high-profile public figure known to be worth a lot of dough….then you should probably […]

By Doug Farrar You’ve probably seen Prince Rogers Nelson, His Royal Purpleness, in a luxury box watching the Minnesota Vikings at Mall of America Field this season, especially since FOX enjoys crowd cuts at the expense of in-game replay as a general rule. And this compatibility isn’t just about the common themes of the Twin […]

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