Only withdraw money from ATM machines approved by your bank in order to avoid unnecessary fees.

I love Netflix. The ability to stream movies to my TV, phone, or computer is a thing of the gods. In this instant grits era we live in, nothing is better. Unless the movie you look for isn’t available for streaming, so now you have to look for the red envelope in the mailbox. But […]

As the decade jumps into full gear, it is perfect time as any to look at our finances. Now I will be the first to say that I am not an ‘Urban-nomic’ guru. I am learning like the next one. But I am willing to learn and as I grow I plan on sharing the […]

Citibank, starting Febuary 2010, will begin to charge customers who have less than $1,500 in their checking account an annual fee of $90. But one Citi manager admitted the extra fees will be a tough sell, and likely will send many of his less-well-off customers to rival banks. “Some are regular working folk who are […]

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