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MR Porter showcases Josha Kissi’s dress code.

Tying a bow tie can be very intimidating for some people. But this video explains it very clearly without hands getting all in the way.

With his eponymous store on 125th Street in Harlem, Dapper Dan pioneered streetwear in the early 1980s by co-opting luxury branding from the likes of Louis Vuitton and MCM and designing original menswear with high-end detail—including exquisite leathers, furs, and skins. First drawing neighborhood hustlers and friends, Dan eventually outfitted rappers and other celebs of […]


So you wanna rock a tie, but you don’t wanna rock a tie. Well then it sounds like what you need is a pocket square Playboy! The pocket square is the staple of every man’s wardrobe that will NEVER go out of style. Sure right now it is enjoying a comeback of sorts for the […]

She-Moguls how many of you would jump at this chance? Kanye West decided it was time to upgrade Kim Kardashian by giving her a brand new Fresh, paid for by him!! From the looks of it, Kim’s numbers have come in!

Designer label Jil Sander just released this bag that retails for $290 and looks just like a paper bag! The bag isn’t even leather, but “high durability coated paper.” Hmmm. If you want it in black, it will set you back $600. Is this the new Mogul Goody?

Creative Director/ Producer: Veronica W. DOP: Craig S. Alyssa A. & Kevin C. Music: Jordan B., Veronica W. ( PA: Chrissy K., & Zoe A. Model: Evan L.

A little much for me, but I am sure some of you can dig it. Source

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Creativity and jewelry go hand in hand. A jeweler from takes time to craft a piece from the inspiration around them, with hopes that the art will translate the same beauty to the buyer as it did to the creator. However, as with all artist it is a process to get the art to […]

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