My girlfriend is a sucker for holiday movies. Every season she pops in the same dvd’s or watches the same Lifetime movies as she did the day before. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could provide the captions to some of the flicks. The other night she popped in the movie “This Christmas” with Chris Brown and […]

Rihanna on WhoSay   Yesterday was a day to spend time with your family and friends and give thanks for everything that has come your way. So what better day is their to drop a video showcasing the love of family? Rihanna took it back to the home front with a short showing her chilling […]

  I think I would damn near be dead before I call 911 about being lost in a corn field maze. A family got lost in a corn maze at Conners Farm in Danvers, Massachusetts, and they were only 25 feet away from the exit!! Yeah they would have to come in there and find […]

Wanna know what jump-started Angelina Jolie to adopting kids? “I thought about adoption, but hadn’t all made sense. It hadn’t come together and I wasn’t ready to be a mom, but I saw this little boy,” she explained. “I don’t believe in fate or destiny or things like that but something suddenly felt right. I […]

So Cool…sweat doesn’t even bother.

The Obama Presidency has yielded some of the most riveting photographs of any in my recent memory. The country’s fascination with the first couple, for a multitude of reasons, has forced a level of transparency and openness that isn’t always seen. Amidst all of the controversy and pressure of position…it’s nice to see shots like […]

BEYONCE has put to rest  rumours she’s trying for a baby with her rapper husband JAY-Z, insisting she will start a family when she’s ready. The Crazy In Love hitmaker has been dogged by pregnancy reports since the hip-hop supercouple wed in 2008, but the claims have always been dismissed. Beyonce, who regularly spends time with her […]

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