In this episode we went live on youtube.com/ruckusradiolive and we talk about: Weed Week A Tristan Thompson-Kardasian update Frida Kahole Barbie and white privlage The Pussification of America Man posts GF’s nudes on Fb and Snap __________________________________ Follow us on social media: Twitter and IG: @Buffet_Boys www.facebook.com/BuffetboysPodcast BuffetBoysPodcast.Tk _________________________________ Intro music by The Passion HiFi:www.thepassionhifi.com

“Guess who’s bizack/ You still smellin’ crack in my clothes Don’t make me have to relapse on these hoes” This week to kick off our partnership with TheRealMidwestRadio.com, we brought Aye Gee to the Lounge. We talked everything from Charlottesville, Virginia to Tang and North Korea. We also touched on what does trolling mean on […]

Twisted Sisterz returns with another round of  discussion on the Miami booty chronicles! They also discuss disrespectful kids and how it may still take a village to raise them all!! Also is Planet of the Apes racist? And does the “How Could You…” videos on Facebook take it too far?

  What We Are Offering……. Your very own gift pack of Brew City Craft E Juice How Can You Get It?????? First like us on Facebook. Urban Mogul Life Next post a video of yourself blowing smoke tricks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Make sure you tag it #SmokinAces The winning video will get a gift […]

These people have been blowing up your Facebook feed for years. They have been annoying, entertaining, pitiful, and out right embarrassing. You know what or how they are going to post before you even read it. All you need to do is catch a glimpse of their name and you already know what it is. […]

  You can now use your Facebook mobile app to make reservations at restaurants. Over 20,000 restaurants have been included in this pilot program which allows users to reserve spots at restaurants by going to their page. Facebook teamed with OpenTable to bring this feature to it’s users.

Well this wasn’t much of a surprise but Instagram gets video support added aka Vine killer.   One added feature is that you can add filters to your videos in true Instagram style. How many of you are excited by this?

Do we even know how to network anymore? With all of this technology, and face to computer networking I wonder have we forgotten the basics of rubbing elbows? Maybe we should look to the past in order to get our future correct. The Wednesday 10 is a group of individuals who began to meet for […]

Everything you need to know about the Facebook IPO just in case you plan on snatching up some shares when they drop this summer. I mean you might as well, you’re on it everyday.

Madonna is in promo mode for her album MDNA. She sat down with Jimmy Fallon to do a live interview for Facebook.

I love Facebook, after all these years I still have love for you Facebook. If used correctly, Facebook is like customizable white pages that give updates. But if it is abused, Facebook can be one major high blower; DAILY! We all have those friends, family members, associates, third grade teachers, or  whathaveyou that always seem […]

Ladies…No friends? This is how you increase your friends list on Facebook by CannedBeatz Anutha PSA brought to you by the GrownAssManExperience. Let’s say your friends list is lookin’ kinda shabby…the Peep GAME crew tells you how to improve on that.

50 took to his Facebook page to let us know that he is pissed off! The world is so f***** up People don’t seem to care anymore People seem to have distanced themselves from other people’s problems, they have been programmed not to care! Politicians are corrupt…So many companies are corrupt and taking excessive profits […]

  I noticed over the few years that I have been a Facebook member that change is certain. So I really don’t understand why so many people have their undies in such a bunch. Well you all better brace yourself for some more. Mark Zuckerberg recently previewed the new timeline feature that Facebook wants you […]

Social networking is here for a minute. Not sure if it is here to stay, being that things change over time. But I will bet that in some form or another social networking will be here for a while. So that means that we have to master it and not let it master you. One […]

Facebook has jumped into the messaging business with its new phone app. The app allows users to send messages and texts through the 750-million-member social network, and it updates in real-time, so there’s no need to refresh to see if you’ve received new messages. The app, Facebook Messenger, will use your Facebook friends contact information […]

  “Like It or Unfriend It?” was created by novelist Teddy Wayne, Vanity Fair staffer Mike Sacks and designer Thomas Ng.

It is safe to say that Facebook is the devil.  Pure D-Devil. We can see this going in all types of directions. Maybe it is time to shut down Facebook.

Damn some dude named Brian Cardinal from the Dallas Mavericks, yeah we never heard of him until now either, ethered LeBron James and his mother!! Damn it is going to be a long summer LeBron and friends. A long hot summer!!

Some of us just put too much info on Facebook. From where you are at, to how you can’t stand your on again/off again boyfriend. Facebook has become an alternate life for some people. And I am willing to bet that if they could, they would live in the Facebook universe, never coming out of […]

Can I get something off my chest Moguls?? Fair-weather fans make me sick to the stomach, especially Laker fans! Now don’t get me wrong, I loveKobeas much as the next Mamba lover, in fact he is the best thing since sliced bread. But the way Laker fans act is enough for me to wish thatKobeand anyone who looks like […]

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