A 2010 survey took a look at what today’s entrepreneur looks like…

This happens to be Black Blogger Month over at Black Enterprise Magazine. During a quick glance this morning, I ran across an article on Ms. Patrice Yursik, founder of Afrobella.com, a site that caters to sisters and their natural hair. I found her blog a few months ago and intended to try to get an […]

You never quite know in business if what you are doing is the right or wrong thing. Unfortunately, by the time you know the answer, someone has beaten you to it and you are out of business. I used to tell myself that it was ok to make little mistakes, just don’t make the big […]

The visionary entrepreneur and author of the New York Times bestseller Do You! delivers a powerful guide to true abundance. Russell Simmons knows firsthand that wealth is rooted in much more than the stock market. True wealth has more to do with what’s in your heart than what’s in your wallet. Using this knowledge, Simmons […]

Their concept for Posterous is decidedly simple: E-mail, its founders believe, is the gateway for sharing information—text, photos, and videos—online. “The hardest and most frustrating part for Web users can be posting to various sites,” says Garry Tan, who founded the business along with Sachin Agarwal, who just turned 30. “We make the posting easy […]

Do-It-Yourself Social Media Not getting what you need from the mainstream sites? Build your own. By Jennifer Shaheen Building a social website isn’t the same as adding social elements to a website. You’re not just plugging in a widget to your website to show the streaming newsfeed from your blog. If your business model is focused […]

  Moms Are Great Businesswomen By Lisa Druxman I think being a mompreneur is a pretty tough job. I struggle daily to find balance between work and motherhood. And yet, I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and I believe that each somehow complements the other. I started my business when I became a mom, so […]

It doesn’t take a lifetime to start a business. Hell UML started over drinks and cigars, next thing you know Danny is a writer. So often we get sidetracked, frustrated or simply just drag our Nikes when it is time to make power moves. Usually the procrastination is due to the fact that we are […]

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