Drugs are a powerful “thang”!! Eminem speaks on his drug addiction problems for the new Documentary How To Make Money Selling Drugs.

Katt Williams lost his damn mind onstage once again. And from the sounds of it the poor little guy purchased the wrong shit in Oakland and it had him off the chain!!! We not laughing with you Katt, we laughing at you!

  50 Cent, Eminem, Russell Simmons and others tell us How To Make Money Selling Drugs. The documentary will discuss all aspects of the illegal trade. Something tells us that after a few repeat viewings, kids all over the world will be jumping into the world of drugs.

In the do you believe it file, a man from South Carolina died after he ate cocaine that was hidden in his brother’s ass!! A South Carolina man’s brother died after police said he was forced to eat cocaine hidden in his brother’s backside. Both brothers were taken into custody on allegations they had drugs […]

Lil Wayne took 28 minutes out of his day to tell us a thing or two about Steve Jobs, syrup, guitars, tats, and so much other sh&t!!

Well damn I need to catch the next plane to Denver and join the Mile High Club!! In Denver, there are more medical marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks, according to The Daily. Nearly 300 medical marijuana dispensaries have been established for Colorado’s residence since the passing of Amendment 20 in the 2000 general election. And according […]

Damn Whitney Houston just can’t get it together. Mrs. “Crack Is Wack” has reportedly checked herself into an out-patient treatment program for substance abuse according to People.com “Whitney Houston is currently in an out-patient rehab program for drug and alcohol treatment,” her rep tells PEOPLE in a statement. “Whitney voluntarily entered the program to support […]

With Salvia and K2 heavy in the headlines lately….I was planning to do a post on the extents that people will go to in order to catch a buzz. One thing we know is that gettin’ high has been around as long as there have been people. It has ALWAYS been a popular pastime….and created […]

He chops it up with Vibe and spills the beans on his addiction thanks to his dentist and a few other topics. I’ve heard you mention how the good that you’ve done is easily forgotten. Do you feel that you’ve been treated unfairly? If I place my value in the way humans treat me, then […]

Throughout history civilization has always had a need to indulge. Smoking and drinking are the best forms of indulgence. People often ask others why they smoke. In the above picture Bob is partaking in one of his daily rituals which is to smoke one to the head to mellow his soul. Well, more than likely […]

One thing about T.I…the brother wastes no time in moving forward.  I can’t say much for the situation he finds himself in right now, but the Atlanta-based Rapper got right back to his hustle and made sure everybody knew it.  Here he is appearing at a club in Little Bankhead with Nelly…

In the September issue of Vanity Fair, Lady Gaga admits to using cocaine every once and again. “I won’t lie — it’s occasional. And when I say occasional, I mean maybe a couple of times a year. I do not want my fans to ever emulate that or be that way. I don’t want my […]

We all have done it one time or another. Either slowed down to look at an accident or ran around the corner to watch a fire. Knowing it isn’t good karma running to watch someone else’s misfortunes, but something in our subconscious just has to see what happens. Maia Campbell is one of those train […]

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