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This backpack holds 210 oz of your favorite get right juice. With this on your back you could easily get any party started once you walk in the door. We can only imagine what a college party would look like with this. Price:$40

I was never so lucky to have a glass of moonshine. Which is amazing  considering the fact that I went to college in the south, I have family in the south, and most of my friends have immediate relatives in the south. Hell, one of my friends would come back with a bottle of something […]

Apparently Starbucks thinks there is no such thing as too much coffee. Beginning on May 3rd, the company will begin offering it’s coffee thirsty customers the trenta size!! Damn who drinks that much coffee in one sitting? Next I guess the company will be coming out with a troth size. Drink up Moguls!!

I will admit I am not the biggest bubbly drinker out there. My sip of choice would be some type of premium vodka. So needless to say I probably won’t ever taste this stuff. But I know there are many Moguls out there who likes to get down with the latest and the greatest sippy […]

Waddie G. of WorldWideWaddie.com met up with Ludacris at Kenwood Liquors while the rap icon met with hundreds of fans who bought Conjure cognac, a one-year-old liquor brand which he co-owns. Ludacris talks about the tastes and mixing of the newly-popular cognac and how important it is to be its co-owner rather than a celebrity endorser. He also clues in on […]

  A little history with your buzz… The Caipiroska is a variation on the Caipirinha, a Brazilian cocktail made with cachaca, Brazil’s potent sugarcane liquor. In the case of the Caipiroska, the cachaca is replaced with vodka. The Caipiroska has gotten increasingly popular in Brazil as imported vodka has become more and more common; it’s […]

This weekend some of us may get our party on. For some Halloween is the traditional kick off to the Holiday season. So if you gone do it, you might as well do it right! And the only way to do it right is to do it UML style. Luxist helps us get our grown […]

This track is like a greatest hits recap of my college career. Back in those days, every hour was a “power” hour. Live it young man! Live it up!!

We’re firm believers that if you’re going to drink alcohol, you’d better like the taste. Masking the taste of booze with sweet mixes and purees is only acceptable at the earliest stages of experimental beveraging; once you’ve graduated from high school, it’s time to either stick to beer or move on to alcohol that tastes […]

WTF!! You mean to tell me I’ve been drinking a beverage that taste like water seasoned with a Flintstone vitamin for nothing. I used to feel proud saying my daily coffee was/is Vitamin Water. I have a space dedicated in my fridge for it right now. Damn….. looks like I can quit buying that drink. […]

We here at UML is preparing all Moguls for the ultimate summer experience. We have laced you with music, hats, how to snatch flings, etc., now all you need to complete your lazy days is the perfect drink! What better way is there to pass the hours away than to have a nice cold beverage that not […]

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