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  Drake wants us to know that he really cares about us. In his gold outfit and accessories he looks rather contemplative doesn’t he? Take Care in stores Oct. 24th. Feels like it’s been so long. Is life moving so fast in this generation that when we desire something it begins to move in slow […]

Drake is opening up the floodgates to his files and is giving us a taste of the new-new. The songs are on the usual Drake style, no major jaw-dropping changes. But hey, maybe just maybe he has something new for us come October 24.   Round of Applause Club Paradise Free Spirit

Well Lil Wayne took it upon himself to fight his Daddy’s battles. Remember that Lil line about “Baby money” by Jay-Z, well Lil Wayne tossed a little biscuit Hov’s way. And if you ask me, it might be the rock that wakes up a sleeping giant. (Hopefully). To put this perspective let us take a […]

Now that Watch The Throne has come and gone, what are you looking forward to? Lil Wayne? Drake? J. Cole? How bout Mary J? Me, I need that Phonte, Drake, Mary J. Blige and J. Cole and I should be straight. If those deliver then I am cool. August 16 Median – The Sender Richie […]

Drake has to have  the hottest track this young summer. Just ask the many artist who have remixed the song already. Damn, can y’all let it breath?

Drake talks to Fader TV and explains his emotional style.

Half way through the 1st quarter I believe I must have zoned out. Must have been the beer and chilli that put a Mogul out. So I would like to say thank God for youtube!!! If it wasn’t for youtube I may have never seen this performance by Rihanna and friends. Sorry cats, y’all play […]

Closer To My Dreams

I posted this joint on my Facebook page….but I gotta share it with the masses! The Holidays are here, we’re taking road trips, sitting in airports and waiting to get our junk grabbed by the next available TSA official! A good Mix is always on point…click the image to get the download… 😉

Maxwell: Don’t they know they have to wait 3 more years for my next album, Summer? Drake: LMAO Stop it, you are killing me!!!

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.977356&w=425&h=350&fv=] Jay Pharaoh blesses us with a three-part  Thanksgiving rap, in which he channeled Jay-Z, Drake, and Biggie this weekend on SNL. We must admit Jay is on point with his impressions.

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