Dr. Dre

I remember when they use to say rap was just a fad, well 30 years later it’s still alive and kicking. Compared to many genres, rap is still in its infancy stage. One of the most if not the most controversial rap groups ever N.W.A. dropped their biopic this week and last week Dr. Dre […]

SPEAK Easy – As I sit alone in my four cornered man cave with my Beats by Dre headphones on staring at my DSM-5 book I begin to ponder how Andre Young can openly admit that he has ghost writers yet makes the best rap album of the year. The last few weeks, the internet […]

We don’t know whether to believe this or just dismiss it as radio talk. Dr. Dre is supposedly dropping a new album August 1st according to Ice Cube and it is going to be “mega”. Not sure who gave Cube the license to spill the information that if true was probably suppose to be a secret. […]

So it looks like we are getting the NWA flick. After years of being talked about and talked about some more the trailer for the Niggas you love to hate dropped this past weekend. And from the looks of it, the F. Gary Gray movie looks like it will deliver. I do have one question after […]

Are we surprised that Dr. Dre made the Forbes money list for hip hop cats. Thanks to Apple’s Beats buyout, Dre had the highest yearly earnings total of any musician ever evaluated by FORBES. The $620 million sum is also more than the remaining 24 names on the Hip-Hop Cash Kings list—combined. Perhaps now the […]

  Eminem will release his Marshall Mathers LP 2 November 5th, and from the looks of this tracklisting he pulled in a few big names to help him with this sequel. And with Rick Rubin and Dr. Dre behind the executive chairs this should be an album that doesn’t disappoint. Are you ready Moguls?


Eminem took to the airwaves and announced to the world that his new album Marshall Mathers LP 2 will drop Nov. 5th. Em’s 8th album will be executive produced by Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin (who has been having a busy year). And from the sounds of it Eminem will be taking it back to […]


Kendrick Lamar has a classic on his hands in case you Moguls didn’t know. And I will go as far as saying good kid m.A.A.d city goes toe to toe with Nas’ Life Is Good. In this video Kendrick gives Andre 3000 a sneak peek of Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe. And from the way 3 […]

Lil Wayne wants in on that headphone money. And can we blame him? Look at what the game did for Dr. Dre.

Damn how many list does Forbes magazine drop per year. Seems like every month a new list comes out with the same faces on top. Well this list places your boy Dr. Dre on the top. Followed by Diddy, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Damn who knew Wayne was pulling in that type of […]

Damn Dr. Dre!!!! $112 million and no album?!?! I guess the headphone game really pays well. Well enough to put him at the same table with Oprah Winfrey who brought in over $165 million!! Who said we in a recession?

New watch alert – Hublot!! Dr Dre gives Rick Ross an expensive Hublot for his Born Day. Damn it must feel good to have friends with millions in they pocket.

If you want ear-muffs to go with your headphones, pick up these extra special Dre Beats headphones. An unlikely pairing with couture king Oscar de la Renta has produced the most extravagant pair of headphones we’ve ever seen. Dubbed Beats by Oscar, the classic Beats headphone has been lined in Silver Fox fur and will […]

The title should say it all, Yo! MTV Raps is back!!! Now don’t go getting all super-excited, it is only for a special airing on Dec. 4th. But you never know what it could lead to if the ratings are through the roof. The show will feature the original show’s hosts, Fab 5 Freddy, Ed […]

Dr. Dre speaks with Fader TV about his Beats headphones, new music from Kendrick Lamar, and stepping away from music. I swear to goodness, Dre must have told dude not to ask him about Detox. And Dre you speaking on stepping back for a minute. Will that be before or after Detox drops?

So it looks like smartphone maker HTC has bought the lion’s share of Dre’s Beats Electronics for $300 million. Beats Electronic is the maker of the famous Beats By Dre headphones and it was started by Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre. This is a major power move by both parts. My only hope is that […]

Kendrick Lamar chops it up with HipHopBeef discussing everything from dead rappers to following your dreams.

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