Johnnie, Ralph & Haize review the new album from Eminem ‘Kamikaze”, the reactions from MGK and Joe Budden and say who they think would win in a battle between Joe and Eminem. Follow us: @TheBreaksRadio Contact us: TheBreaksMedia@gmail.com

Johnnie, Ralph & Haize review Pusha T’s new album Daytona while also discussing the diss tracks with Drake bar by bar and the speculate on whats the come next from the two MCs. Follow us: @TheBreaksRadio Contact Us: thebreaksmedia@gmail.com

We talking Tax Season wins and losses!!!! The two battles of the weekend! Check it all out!!!! PLEASE like, comment, subscribe, rate and review on here and iTunes!! Hit us up Twitter: SweatsNSuitspod IG: SWEATSNSUITSPODCAST FB: @Sweats and Suits Podcast E-mail:Sweatsnsuits@gmail.com

The Mogul Lounge Poindexter and Danny P welcome Smack back to the Lounge as they discuss the hypest hip hop weekend in a long time; Remy Ma dissing Nicki Minaj and Swizz Beatz vs Just Blaze beat battle. They also get into it about the difference in treatment of R Kelly and Chris Brown. Check […]

Drake answered the queston on if and when he would respond to Common. And the answer is…… No. Because despite how it’s been worded by him that situation is not a “hip hop moment” or a “battle for the sake of musical integrity”…it’s a ploy for attention around the release of an album. More than […]

Well Lil Wayne took it upon himself to fight his Daddy’s battles. Remember that Lil line about “Baby money” by Jay-Z, well Lil Wayne tossed a little biscuit Hov’s way. And if you ask me, it might be the rock that wakes up a sleeping giant. (Hopefully). To put this perspective let us take a […]

See what happens when you call a spade a spade? Jay-Z recently spit a little bar referencing Hammer and ole Stanley got upset!! So much in fact that he threw on the gloves to show Jay-Z what he wants to do to him! Aren’t you a little too old to result to childish antics Hammer? […]

Somebody please tell Sigel that these shots are worse than when Nelly tried to diss KRS-One! (Yawn) Come on man, are you really trying to get a response from Jay-Z with these tracks? You can’t be! This ain’t the same Beans who tried to hang with Jada or Nas. This is more like the Lima Bean version. […]

Here it is, unfortunately it’s the radio rip, after waiting a few days. Beans went in on this track, with 50 providing the hook and adding a mini-soliloquy at the end. Beans didn’t say anything directly at Hov that I  caught yet; but 50 had a few things to share about how Jay ain’t the […]

Beanie Sigel is going at Jay-Z, huh? Is that what it’s come to in Hip-Hop? Hip-Hop is f*cking wack.” Mr. No Comment seems to have unlocked the key and is speaking his piece once again. As Beanie Sigel has finally aired his grievances on wax, many artists are beginning to throw in their opinions about […]

While Beanie was busy going off on his former Rocafella associates with that infamous Charlemagne Tha God interview, the Jigga man and his longtime connect and homeboy, Memphis Bleek were conclusively silent. Now Bleek’s responded to the diss and taken to his Twitter to air out his grievances. On his @MemphisBleek Twitter page, he made […]

We can see it now. Hov casually dismisses the Beanie situation. Sigel gets upset and respomnds with another song or interview. Then Hov comes back with a few sideline jabs. And then….. well you get the picture! Or maybe the Roc can all sit down and peacefully squash this pettiness. Sit back and drink a […]

Beans decided to touch on a few topics concerning his relationship with Jay-Z! He calls in this morning to talk to Charlamagne Tha God to clear up the “whys” on his song Average Cat that recently dropped. He clears up the misunderstandings and states it isn’t a diss record, but more of him getting a […]

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