The goal of The Masked Gorilla is to not just report new school hip hop news, but be apart of the very scene we cover. The bi-weekly ‘Unmasked’ feature is an in-depth video-interview series, featuring popular rappers from the TMG Top 50. We recently caught up with Kendrick Lamar, backstage at one of his concerts, […]

Ok it looks like the good ole Dr may actually be dropping this time around. Well before I get you too excited, he is at least dropping on the cover of XXL. And hopefully they know something we don’t. Oh well in the meanwhile and between while here is a little taste to keep you […]

K, this is what we were waiting for? A decade of waiting and anticipating brings us to this moment? Not that the song is wack or anything, but it seems like this long-awaited track would be a little more….. well how can I say this….. monumental. However I am sure that this track is unfinished. […]

Looks like we aren’t the only ones who are pissed at our good friend Dr. Dre.

So a little over a month ago we began to hear rumors of a new Dr. Dre x Jay-Z single entitled “Under Pressure” supposedly from the long-awaited Detox. The song was supposed to drop around April 1st (April’s Fools Day), but that day came and went. Then it was rumored to drop the following week, but as […]

Dr. Dre’s biological son Curtis Young hopes to follow in the footsteps of his father, with the launch of his new record label, Young Entertainment Inc. Like his  father, Curtis Young, formerly known as Hood Surgeon, also hails from Compton, California. His debut solo album, titled Product of My DNA, will be released this summer […]

We hope dude is correct, BUT don’t hold ya breath!! Our CPR skills is not up to par.

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