There’s so many reasons for people to not do anything these except look out for self, we turn on the tv, social media etc…. and see political reasons to safety reasons. It’s very important to know the youth are watching and are picking up on what we are or aren’t doing. It’s great to be […]

Well damn I need to catch the next plane to Denver and join the Mile High Club!! In Denver, there are more medical marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks, according to The Daily. Nearly 300 medical marijuana dispensaries have been established for Colorado’s residence since the passing of Amendment 20 in the 2000 general election. And according […]

UML’s Mayer Hawthorne post was a hit with the Moguls.  A rep from LRG Clothing Co. shot us a lil diddy, plus some extra info on Mr. Hawthorne : Singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Mayer Hawthorne, has revitalized soul music with a touch of today’s modern R&B. His debut album, A Strange Arrangement, has grown a […]

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