2016 sucks in a major way thus far. Today I come to the realization that the GOAT of all goats has passed away. Today I mourn the loss of Muhammad Ali. Ali meant a lot to me. The first time I remember seeing him was on an episode of Diff’rent Strokes. Where Arnold had to […]

So today I was sitting at a meeting learning some good things mind you when all of a sudden my text messages started blowing up. I didn’t pay much attention to them figuring it was sending out their tweets. (You know I have to stay on top of releases.) But at the rate they […]

    Life is a funny experience that can expire any minute. Yesterday as I was coming home from the UML offices I saw one of my neighbors getting ready to pull off. I waved to him as I usually do not expect nothing much, but this time, he rolled down the window wanting to […]

    I’m not an emotional type of dude. I think I have a developed a handle on separating my feelings from my emotions. Master Yoda would be proud. If I had to pin point when I decided to keep my emotions in check it had to be sometimes after the funeral of my Grandmother. […]

*The opinions expressed in this article does not reflect the opinions of UML* This morning I woke up to my newsfeed humming about how St. Louis was off the chain. I quickly fired up the laptop and saw exclusive footage, however they could have shown me footage from 1992 or 1967 or 1965 it all […]

  WTF!!!!! (CNN) — James Gandolfini, best known for his role as an anxiety-ridden mob boss on HBO’s “The Sopranos,” died in Italy, possibly of a heart attack, an HBO spokeswoman and the actor’s managers said Wednesday. He was 51. Gandolfini was on holiday in Rome, said Mara Mikialian, HBO’s vice president for program publicity. The […]

  I would call the death of a 17 year old boy tragic under just about any circumstances I can think of. My choice of words would not be effected by the race, creed, or culture of the victim. Since the incident occurred, I’ve heard countless reports, re-tellings, statements of rage, and excuses as to […]

This by far as to be the best message have heard yet from any celebrity involing the Trayvon Martin incident. I would like to extend my very deepest sympathies to the family and other loved ones of murdered teenager, Treyvon Martin. I am very sad today (and am certain the whole of Ireland is) to […]

Whitney Houston gets the special issue treatment from Ebony magazine. I wonder how much music is in the vaults that’s worth releasing?

*Disclaimer- I know at times I can come off harsh, but I mean no disrespect to any artist living or dead. By no way am I trying to place any person’s life over any others. But I have to ask, have we lost the last of our Icons? The other day our world was rocked, […]

“The loss of Whitney Houston is painful. I remember meeting Whitney for the first time when I was 15. She was the ultimate legend. The ultimate woman. Not only was she confident, poised, stunningly beautiful and intelligent, but she was sincere and kind. She took the time to make everyone feel like they were very […]

Check out Don Cornelius getting his Soul Train line on.

The visionary behind the Soul Train Franchise was found dead this morning at his home in California from what  appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Don Cornelius changed the face of television and the industry of music by creating a TV show specifically for the black audience. Prior to Soul Train, there was no […]

Damn they say death comes in 3’s huh? Well looks like we lost our 2nd person today. TMZ reported that Heavy D died today. Rap legend Heavy D — one of the most influential rappers of the ’90s — died earlier today … TMZ has learned. Heavy D — real name Dwight Arrington Myers — […]

I jumped on the Amy Winehouse bandwagon late. Sometime during the promotion of her second album Back To Black I jumped on the wagon and told dudes to move out the way. From that point I was waiting for new music, that exclusive leak from the drip drips. Well as you know it is not […]

I couldn’t make this story up if I tried. Former Weezer band member turned artist Mikey Welsh’s death Saturday at the age of 40 was a shock to many fans. But People magazine reports the bassist eerily tweeted the time and place of his death two weeks prior. According to the publication, Welsh wrote a […]

  If you were to know me in the 90’s then you would have known I loved me some Aaliyah. She was Daily Fresh before fresh was Daily! She was Janet Jackson if Janet didn’t grow up in the Jackson household and was born about 10 years later. The aura that surrounded her was one […]

Damn, it is hard to believe that it has been 15 years since Pac left us. But this September it will be just that. To commemorate the date, XXL has a feature on 2Pac that speaks with his father, the Outlawz, Mutulu Shakur among others. His father Bill Garland added…. “[Tupac] cared for people,” he […]

Greetings Moguls, glad to see you are still around after the switch up. I am sure if any of you were up late last night, you probably saw the blog change right before your eyes. I will admit that it was a little tougher than I first thought. But after countless stressful hours, we are […]

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