This week Samantha and Klashae’ touch up on what ages they are willing to date and not date. Is there a such thing as someone being too young or too old? Tune in tot hear our opinions. Follow us on: TWITTER/FB/IG @DUOLYSTIC WWW.URBANMOGULLIFE.COM WWW.DUOLYSTIC.COM EMAIL: DUOLYSTIC@GMAIL.COM KLASHAE@DUOLYSTIC.COM SAMANTHA@DUOLYSTIC.COM

If you like secrets and sexcapades this is the episode for you. Today we talk all types of dirty and clean including role play. We want your feedback how long should you wait to date after a breakup?

You know how the game goes, you need a date for the hoilidays. Some great looking arm-candy to waltz in front of your family and friends like, look at what I have!! Well some dude posted an ad on craigslist requesting for that special someone to join him as he dashes through the snow. Let […]

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