Sometimes even your wall wants to look cool.  What better way to display your coolness than by adding some sunnies to your wall. For $400 you can have the coolest wall out of all your friends.

That Groove was so good…I decided to throw one more at you. Throw something back while you listen…   You might wana grab yo Lady behind this combo…            

Yesterday’s Unsung episode definitely put me on a new perspective. I’m no slouch when it comes to Hip Hop history, but I’ve got to admit, before yesterday, my greatest memory of Kool Moe Dee was “the fool who picked a fight with L.L. and ruined his career”. That’s not to say that I didn’t respect […]

A nice summer cashmere sweater brings a different splash to your Cool as opposed to the short sleeve polo or seersucker blazer. Do Moguls wear seersucker? Kenneth Cole  $39.99   Pair that sweater with some grey slacks. Grey pants should be a staple in any mans wardrobe. Banana Republic $69.50 And we all know that […]

A MAN amongst Boys…N the Hood  

Boy…society sure could use a few more young Moguls like these….  

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