A few weeks ago in Milwaukee, we had a riot that resulted in some businesses being set on fire. The next day in those neighborhoods it looked as if a small tornado struck the block. What did the people in that community do? They assembled the next morning and cleaned it up. They did what […]

After a few weeks Don Lemon has finally responded to Russell Simmons’ letter about Lemon’s 5 point plan. I was wondering would Lemon take the time to discuss Uncle Rush, or would he just let the flack slide off of his back. And he did respond Moguls, and he had a few good points I […]

Russell Simmons like millions of others took offense to the 5 point plan that Don Lemon recently laid out for African Americans. The Mogul suggested that Lemon reads the letter before taking to air this weekend. Here is what Uncle Rush had to say. Dear Don, I got a chance to see what you said […]

Mr. Don Lemon ¬†sounds like a cat who doesn’t really know what’s going on in the community. Or rather I say…. he ¬†doesn’t understand the root of the problems in the African-American communities. His “No Talking Points” segment reminded me of the grumpy ass cousin who always had it all trying to tell his family […]

This is a debate that I plan on jumping in a little later, but for viewing pleasure you can check out KRS-One, Slaughterhouse, ?uestlove, and Q-Tip. Afterwards let us know your input. Has Hip Hop done more harm than good in our communities?

One of UML‘s favs, Nia Long, has a new movie dropping tomorrow. The movie, Mooz-lum, wasn’t picked up by a distributor in America, but the filmmakers did broker a release deal with AMC Theaters to release the film in 10 cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, DC, Philly, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. […]

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