Do you have 30 minutes to spare today? If so press play and check out every Air Jordan commercial ever made. Stroll with us down memory lane.

These commercials are the definition of the Distinguished Mogul.

Everyone pony up a few dollars so we can get the $3 million needed to have a 30 second commercial aired for the Super Bowl. We accept cash, credit cards and paypal! Apparently CBS has sold the majority of their Super Bowl ads for a cool $3 million a pop!! Last year over 90 million […]

So our friend Lupe isn’t delivering on his word to give us a new mix-tape for Christmas morning. But somewhere along the way he found time to do this commercial for Nike!! Bah-humbug! More commercials after the break….

Yeah I agree the promotion last season was on over-drive! And it even caused a few basketball players and fans to get their drawers in a bunch. With that being said I welcome back a new season of MVPuppet commercials from Nike Basketball. Hey we might even get a Lil Dez cameo this season! I […]

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