The Geekset Crew is back discussing their February LIVE events, Mighty Con, Anime-Con MKE, Dragon Ball Super, Ending theories, Black Panther’s continuous reign supreme, and classic Anime’s. Question of the week: What anime should Geekset Podcast focus on no that DBS is ending? Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @GeeksetPodcast Contact us:

The Geekset Crew go LIVE during Milwaukee Mighty Con. SPECIAL GUEST Interview Steve Cardenas (aka The Red Ranger) Check out the crazy events as they unfold, some interviews with Vendors as well as their Black Panther Review, Black Lightning review, more Geekset commentary.  

The whole crew is back with their first episode of 2018 where the cover their favorite Geek moments of 2017, why the critics tried to kill Bright’s success, Meth Damon and Black Mirrors, Star Wars and Favorite Hip Hop Albums. They also announce their first LIVE Podcast on Feb. 24th at Mighty-Con. Click below for […]

  Bruce Wayne is down for the cause!!!

Looks like the Secretary of the State, Hillary Clinton has her very own comic book. Political Power by Bluewater Comics was written by Jerome Maida, and drawn by Daniel Fitz. The publisher says, “Our goal is to show the behind-the scenes machinations – many of them ignored by the mainstream media – that resulted in […]

One of you MogulsĀ fill me in on the Real Deal here…I’m no comic book guru, but wasn’t John Stewart’s original Green Lantern black?

If you ever wondered how revered Ali was as The Heavyweight Champ…this should give you some idea…

OK…so it’s not PC…but it’s funny as hell! Laugh…and have a great day šŸ˜‰

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