Colin Kaepernick

So the last few weeks my timeline on Facebook has been flooded with folks trying to bring me over to the dark side like Anakin Skywalker or some damn body! The wave #BoycottTheNFL has turned from a whisper to a pillow talk.  Even some of the cats in the UML office have decided enough is […]

It is funny how hindsight makes everyone a winner. A few months ago we as a nation were celebrating Muhammad Ali and ALL that he stood for, from his brash loud mouth antics to his refusal to serve in the United States Army. Now many of the same people who gave Ali high fives are […]

  It must be football season, because NFL stars are getting their cover treatment. Colin Kaepernick blesses the cover of GQ for you ladies. The San Francisco qb discusses a number of things with GQ, here is an excerpt. Colin Kaepernick on reliving his bad plays on-field: “All my life, I’ve had these flashbacks, these […]

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