In case you didn’t know Star Wars is making a return to a galaxy near you on December 18th. Just in case you want to wake up in style on that wonderful morning this is for you. Star Wars sheets can have you laying in bed like a young Darth Vader. Fr the cost […]

  Looks like the Force may not be with Chewbacca in a recent visit to the Ukraine. Apparently some cat named Darth Vader is running for mayor of Odessa and Chewbacca thought it was a smart move to campaign for him on election day. Well wrong move Chewy, that is illegal. So the Wookie was […]

  So…… did you all see the Star Wars trailer? It is cool. You see a Star Destroyer crashed on a planet. You get glimpses of the bad guys. How about a lil Millennium Falcon action… well you have that too. You hear Luke Skywalker’s voice and you see Han and Chewbacca. Good shit!!! I guess we […]

  Have you ever kissed a walking carpet?? Well Princess Leia has, and she will tell you all about it in the Spanish Esquire. Well actually the cover is for the Blu-Ray Edition of Star Wars, but the kissing thing sounds so much better.

As much as I love Star Wars, I would be a little frightened to put this on my head! Would you cop these Moguls? More after the jump.

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