Is Oscar Pistorious, the South African sprinter, a cheater? Gabby Douglas, Michael Phelps…and plain old ribbin’.

How much Baggage is enough? It’s interesting when you first meet a young lady and the spirits are pouring, sparks flying high, and just good old fashion fun. After a while being a Mogul can take a toll on you because you are automatically categorized. With this being said, you have went on countless outings [...]

Uncle Luke took time to call out Wiz Khalifa for messing with Kanye West’s damaged goods. In his mind there should be a code of honor where rappers don’t mess with other rappers exes. But as we all know, that code has fallen by the waste side. “Wiz Khalifa needs to have his head examined. […]

How many of you had elaborate cheating schemes? I remember my AKA friend hooked me up with the French exam in college. Bless her heart wherever she is these days!!

The part of the story that seems to get looked over every time is the fact that Tony Parker was creeping with a teammates wife. Like it is that sweet in the locker room. Think about it, if Tony was one of your coworkers he would get the side eye at the water cooler. Tony […]

If  you’ve ever golfed before, you know that “in the rough” refers to a golf shot that lands in a less than desirable location. If you’ve never golfed before, even you can see that the situation Tiger, the greatest golfer in the world, finds himself in today, is less than desirable. But let’s look at […]

It is funny how different some cats are made these days. I remember when it was an unwritten rule not to fool with one of your friends ex’s. A code of the streets that real men followed. It is never worth throwing away years of friendship for a little bit of cut-up. But somewhere along the way […]

  Is The Grass Greener Down Yonder??? I usually wouldn’t tackle a topic like this, I would leave it up to I. B. Edubl. But with all of these rumors surrounding Brangelina I figured what the hell! Danny got a thing or two to say. Is the grass greener over yonder? Let’s take a look at it. We […]

A few weeks back, I decided to tackle the question of “Why Do Men Cheat?”. It was something that seemed appropriate. In light of the whole Tiger Woods issue, and the fact that it seems to always be a hot topic, I figured I might as well put my version out there. After all, my […]

Dot, dot, dot!  As El Tigre brings the almighty subject of fidelity, honesty, and commitment back to the high-profile limelight (not that it ever left, kinda like your PS3 when you leave it on for a while) – I guess that would be 3 subjects – we find ourselves debating what is and what isn’t […]

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