Butt in the meantime/ I tried to game one….. I tried to game one in the meantime…… The crew is here for episode 136 and we talking sex apps, sex dolls, Aziz, chicken spots, dislocated teeth, relationships, financials and so much more. The Mogul Lounge is available on iTunes * Spreaker * Stitcher * Soundcloud […]

In the do you believe it file, a man from South Carolina died after he ate cocaine that was hidden in his brother’s ass!! A South Carolina man’s brother died after police said he was forced to eat cocaine hidden in his brother’s backside. Both brothers were taken into custody on allegations they had drugs […]

Kim Kardashian wants us to know that her butt has no added fluff in it. It is all real, and she is all woman!!

The NIKE “Butt” Ad Post was so popular that I figured I ought’a put the whole thing in perspective for you. 🙂  There were actually other ads in the original series focusing on other hard earned, well formed body parts. If you liked the 2005 “Butt” ad, you may enjoy these:

Back in 2005 Nike ran an ad centered around a well formed “gluteal region”.  The ad celebrated the benefits of a round, firm, well formed, hard earned butt: Personally….I had nooo problem with the ad.  After all, there’s never anything wrong with counting your assets!  Well, Nike decided to revisit that campaign in 2010: Hmmm…okay, […]