Danny P. told you about 1000 Posts ago that Moguls don’t show up to a party empty handed. Now I’m here to tell you…that they don’t carry their Party Juice in a brown paper bag. Walking in with a bottle, no matter how expensive or well chosen, in a brown paper bag says “I’m here and […]

This is a hot design by French industrial designer Petit Romain. Not sure if this will hit stores anytime soon.

I am not much of a bourbon drinker, but if I was this Jack’s would be for me. Jack Daniels has created a 2011 birthday bottle that’s limited to 200,000 made. Not really all that limited, but hey if you down with Jack, this would be a great addition to your bar.

I was never so lucky to have a glass of moonshine. Which is amazing  considering the fact that I went to college in the south, I have family in the south, and most of my friends have immediate relatives in the south. Hell, one of my friends would come back with a bottle of something […]

If you are thirsty and have money to wipe with, then this is for you. For a mere $60,000 you can own this 24-karat gold Altamirano glass bottle!! The bottle is designed by an Italian artist Fernando Altamirano and contains water from different springs from all over the world.

For $30 you too can join in on the Born Day Party!!!

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