black women

Tune in this week as Samantha and Klashae’ get a little deep and talk about losing themselves, As women… as black women we tend to put everything before ourselves. So this episode is going to be about that all. Please tune in and get a different side of them. Special Shout out to our Black […]

This episode we brought in Darius and a few special listeners from the group to help up prep for the pod fest! Listen in as we discuss Darius controversial facebook status and his thoughts on black women. Vibe with us! This podcast was brought to you by As well as Good Juju Teeth whitening […]

If you agree with the ladies or not one thing you have to admit is that the women are stepping up! On The Mogul Lounge, we discuss whether or not Black Men need to step up to keep up with the women? Can you name an issue that Black men have dealt with? We also […]

We would say yes, but we the ones asking the questions here.

If you have not already heard the hoopla around coconut oil, UML is here to get you up to speed.  There are myriad uses for coconut oil, from health to beauty.  Those who swear by it claim that it helps with stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, kidney […]

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