How many of you Moguls love making your own beer. Well Mike Brenner took that love for brewing and opened up the Brenner Brewing Company located in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood. Not only is the Brenner Brewing Company a micro brewery, but the space also houses an art gallery and host tours and local events. Recently […]

  Forget aging a wine when you can drink a beer that goes back to the days of B.C. Egtved Girl’s Brew is based on an ancient Bronze Age recipe that will probably leave you feeling some type a way once you finish. And for only $4 bucks….. who could pass this up? It has to be […]

  Budweiser has a new look and we like it. The King of beers recently debuted a redesigned aluminum can that crinkles 10 degrees in the center to resemble the bowtie logo the company has. “Honestly, our brand needs more design to it. We have brown bottles and aluminum cans,” Pat McGauley, VP of Innovation […]

Who knew you could open bottles of beer so many ways?

This is a hot design by French industrial designer Petit Romain. Not sure if this will hit stores anytime soon.

Budweiser Made In America Festival. Philadelphia. September 1 & 2. Benjamin Franklin Parkway. For more info visit 28 Bands. 3 Stages. 1 Weekend. How many of y’all got tickets.

His blood smells like cologne!!

I doubt this would be something I would try, but for those of you who love your beer infused ice cream this may be for you. If this floats your boat, snatch it up here.

His pillow is cool on both sides!!!

This commercial explains the life of an Urban Mogul. Don’t know about the product, but the hustle makes me want to go grab a six pack! Stay thirsty Moguls!

This has to be one of the lamest shirts I have seen in years, but yet…. if it made it to UML I am sure someone will be rocking this shirt at a campus near you!! For $20 you too can be an Urban Geek!!!

  Not sure about the sips, but if I ever come across these in the store I will snatch some just for the bottle alone! In honor of the 40th anniversary of the original release of Bitches Brew, Miles Davis’ 1970 paradigm-shifting landmark fusion breakthrough, we’ve created our own Bitches Brew – a bold, dark […]

These commercials are the definition of the Distinguished Mogul.

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