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USA Basketball vs Turkey Full Highlights FIBA 2014 by RapHipHopExclusives I sure hope you are watching Team USA try to snag the gold medal. This is good basketball, especially if you are one of those cats who love to complain that the NBA only focuses on a handful of teams. Now you can see what […]

  So here we are less than a month away and Kevin Durant decides to take his ball and go home!! Durant is arguably the best player left standing on Team USA so this departure will hurt bad. Real bad.  And we are not surprised are we? With the recent season injury to Paul George, […]

Somewhere in the 80’s and early 90’s Kobe Bryant had his VCR on record mode. And he must have watched over and over again Michael Jordan games from sun down til sun up. And once daylight hit, he was on the court practicing. While AI was complaining about practice, Kobe Bryant was putting in work. And […]

  If you have $12,900 to blow why not grab this Hermes basketball? This limited edition basketball is to commemorate the reopening of the Hermes Beverly Hills store.

I swear I think Kobe has a shock collar on when he practices that is set to sting him whenever he doesn’t execute a Jordan move correctly. How else would you explain this video? The comparison of moves are eerie at times. Even Chris Brown doesn’t get his MJ moves on quite like this. Well […]

One thing about Jordan Brand is that they historically have had great commercials. I mean would you have it any other way though? The GOAT needs to have GOAT level commercials. However, that touch hasn’t always rubbed off on the other athletes of the brand. Well the commercial gurus have created another classic with this […]

  Roc Nation Sports is leaving no stone unturned. Jay-Z’s sports agency is having no difficulty snatching up the big names.

  LeBron James is all on the cover of NBA2K14 by his lonesome. The King said in a statement. “My friends, family and fans all know how much I love NBA 2K,” James said in a statement. “I remember, as a kid, getting so excited for the game to come out and see who was […]

This is a video that has to be seen in order to believe. And because it is in real time it is hard to see the magnificence in this clip. But Victor Dukes is off the damn chain! The beauty in this video is the fact that Victor Dukes is only a sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL! That’s right a […]

Dwight is a fool for this one.

At what point does he figure out that he is at the wrong basket? And how many times will he miss an uncontested lay-up?

Hov is in the midst of his 8 concert run at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, the home of the Brooklyn Nets. Between one of his sets Hov takes a few minutes to pat himself on the back as he recounts all it took to bring the Nets to Brooklyn. Power moves in motion Moguls.

I remember back in the day when people would compare Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan I cried blasphemy. Now after a few more rings and few more miles on the legs, I can see the comparison a little more clearly. And I will admit that not only is Kobe Bryant a chip of the block of […]

  Your boy Jay-Z has his hands in everything still. The rap Mogul will serve as executive producer for NBA 2K13. The game hits stores Oct. 2nd.

Who you have your money on Moguls???

Magic Johnson recently spoke on the nonsense that is Clyde Drexler and his comments on Johnson playing in the 1992 All-Star game.

Maybe the change of scenery will help the Brooklyn Nets grab a few more wins. Maybe they can have hologram Biggie play Power Forward for them. Maybe it will be a new toilet, same $hit. Whatever the case may be, the New Jersey Nets have a new home in Brooklyn. And somewhere S. Carter is […]

Norfolk State University is in the Round of 32 in the 2012 NCAA Tournament!!! The Spartans look to advance to the field of 16 today at 6:10 PM. Click the image for more…UML tips its Kangol to you!!

Hey what else are you going to watch?

It sounds like Michael Jordan shits on players regardless if he is on the court or not. Money is all about his money and it seems like he wants the players in the NBA to give him and his owner friends a little more. MJ is recommending that the players receive no more than 37% […]

In case you don’t know the NBA is in lock out mode. So the question that all of these athletic shoe companies have is “how are we going to promote this seasons kicks?” Well it may pose a dilemma, but at least you should catch the shoes on the foot of your favorite ball player […]

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