Moguls I need one of these in my life. Hopefully you will catch me in a town by you turning corners in one of these.

We can push this here…… Bentley’s Mulsanne has received the drop top treatment as the luxury auto maker pulls the curtain back on the 2015 Bentley Grand Convertible at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Essentially a 2-door yacht for the streets, the Bentley Grand Convertible is as powerful as it is beautiful. Under the […]

This perfect on paper for those of us who constantly run behind in the morning. BUT one false move and your whole day will be messed up. Guaranteed!!

The Brabus 800 E V12 Cabriolet (€478,000; roughly $670,000) meets all these criteria and more. Based on the E-Class Cabriolet, the 800 sports a 788hp engine based on the V12 of the S 600, improved aerodynamics thanks to body modifications, 10-inch-wide, 19-inch wheels, a custom high-performance braking system, and the ability to go from 0-62 mph […]

This 2011 Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet is the perfect ride for the young professional who has a little style.

A perfect idea for the Mogul that is always on the go. The Micro USB Car Charger(€20) turns your cigar lighter into a USB Car Charger that can be used to charge cellphones(iPhone) orMP3 players via USB, and with a design that sits flush enough to look like it blends into your car’s interior, and the […]

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