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It sure is beginning to seem like the record business ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be. How is it that one person can sell millions of records, appear on magazine covers, concerts here, there, and everywhere, and still owe the label money? The more I learn about the business the more I imagine […]

The look on Raekwon’s face is priceless as Nas takes him down memory lane. In a week’s notice, LRG films traveled to Oslo, Norway to shoot the new video for “Rich and Black” with Raekwon and Nas. While backstage in Oslo, we got some behind the scenes footage of the two hip-hop legacies. In this […]

Following a deep and insightful lecture at the University of Virginia, The Student Hip-Hop Organization at UVA caught up with 9th Wonder for an exclusive interview. Watch the final part of the interview as he discusses his favorite non-sample beats, memorable albums, “The Wonder Year”, and the word ‘zulu’. Interview by Trent Smith and Sofia […]

My ears and eyes have been so flooded with the “essence” of Nicki Minaj as of late, that I had to go elsewhere to find a female that was doin’ it for the love of Hip-Hop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “Nicki Hater”; as a matter of fact…I think she’s got some real […]

Fans of the singer Kem have are more than likely bobbing their heads to his new joint and waiting to catch him on the closest tour date!  I can’t blame you.  I got a sneak peek of the new CD, Intimacy, from well before it came out, and I can tell you it’s on par […]

The 2010 Milwaukee Hip Hop Honors wasn’t about honoring Milwaukee’s Hip Hop Giants….it was about honoring Hip Hop Giants who just happen to hail from Milwaukee.  The list of honorees  included figures who are known the world over.  These artists have traveled from stage to stage, city to city, scaled music charts, and put their […]

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