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 E. Fay Jones – Architect…  

If you know who to credit…let US know

I keep wondering….if this is breakfast, then what the Hell is on the agenda for lunch time?

I wish I could read the signature or knew who the artist is because a piece like this deserves to be credited. Looking at it is like watching a damn good movie with only one frame in the film…Enjoy

Mr. Morrison has an unmistakable style. I had actually admired his Art long before I knew his name…

A celebration of Music…and Love… If you know who snapped this…let US know

Not the official name of this piece…and regrettably, I don’t know the artist. But it’s damn cool to look at…

  Even in Paris, Muhammad Ali is known as the Greatest. This beautiful work of art was created by artist Combo.

This amazing photo was taken by an 8 year old Jr. Mogul!! ELW makes her world wide debut right here at UML…

In Chris Bosh news, the Miami homie got some serious ink on his back. There is a lot going on with this masterpiece that we are sure means something. Damn looks painful!! We wonder where will put his championship tattoo if the Heat were to ever win?

A stylish romance centering on a brokenhearted urbanite who, only after breaking down and getting stranded in the desert, unearths the resources to woo a French-speaking woman at a lonely motel.

Started by tattoo artist Marcus Kuhn, The Gypsy Gentleman is a brand new tattoo and travel magazine designed to expand upon some common misperceived notions about the craft and to teach about the world of tattooing as a whole. Having spent 22 years working in the business, Kuhn decided to take some of the memories […]

*Not the official title of this piece

     So this is like the perfect movie script just waiting to be written.     Police are on the hunt for a man who walked into a San Francisco art gallery, grabbed a valuable pencil drawing by Pablo Picasso off the wall and then fled in a waiting taxicab. Police on Tuesday said the drawing, […]

At the Edinburgh Film Festival this past weekend, Nokia held a screening for the eight finalists of its Nokia Shorts Competition. With more than 600 entries and a $10,000 grand prize on the line, the competition produced some surprising results. Nothing was quite as impressive, however, as the film shot by winner J.W. Griffiths. His […]

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