I’ve hustled across this great country of ours and even balled out in a few other countries.  One place I’ve gone to an absurd amount of time is New York (not Manhattan though…yuck).  I love the freedom of style, art and life in general.  One of my favorite spots to visit there was, the “graffiti mecca”, 5 […]

  Andre 3000 takes the time to share with us his thought process behind his iconic jumpsuits that he wore this summer touring with Big Boi.

Art is an acquired taste, try as I may to stare at a picture and figure out what a artist was thinking at the time, it is very difficult. When I look at piece of art I can appreciate it more if what I’m viewing is something that I enjoy. I like many mediums of […]

By Chad BrownEagle

No…that isn’t the official title…but if I was an Art Making Mogul…it’s the one I would choose! Intriguing piece… And, if you know the artist or the real name of it, drop us a note and we’ll call’em both by name. Enjoy the eye candy…

The photo speaks….Volumes…  

I’d love to know the artist and official name of this piece…but until then…we’ll go with mine 😉 Enjoy  

A hand carved sculpture by the Makonde from a single piece of African blackwood locally known as “Mpingo” depicting a father with his three sons carrying their calabashes filled with beer.  

A sculpture by J. Seward Johnson Jr…

Haile Selassie & Joe Luis by Miguel Covarrubias(1935)

As usual, finding the artist or photographer for some of these gorgeous pieces is virtually impossible. I would love to credit the Artist on this one. “In Sync” is the name I’ve given the piece…but I would love to know the actual title. If anybody can help us out it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve […]

Be happy with the little things, because there are so many more of them. Don’t postpone your enjoyment of life until after some grand achievement. Strive for that grand achievement, to be sure. And take pleasure in all the joys along the way. Every day presents you with countless opportunities to experience happiness. There is […]


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