We live in a time where we want information at the pace of a fast food restaurant. Data is required two minutes ago and the resolutions to our issues is expected yesterday. To top it off, we want it all to be highly secure. Easy right? Well sort of! Currently Apple and the Feds are […]

  Mr. Coffee has combined the smartness of your mobile phone with their coffee makers. The Smart Coffee Maker can be powered by the WeMo app that lets you set the time to brew and adjust it if need be. Pretty handy, we must say ourselves. Source

Rejoice iPhoners, you now can get Google Now for your very own.

Damn who needs a real keyboard when you can have that virtual freshness?? Brookstone has introduced a thingofmajig that connects to your smartphone or laptop thru bluetooth or USB. It then projects a keyboard for you to do your typing. The future will set you back $99 which is actually not bad. Maybe you can […]

Ever lose your cell phone? Me neither, but for those of you who said yes which city do you hail from? Maybe you are a product of your environment and it is your destiny to lose your iPhone. Sucks to be you. But at least I hope you are putting sometype of password on your […]

The tablet game is heating up!!!

I am a big Android fan and this 3D map is right on time! I can see this changing the navigation app game once again. Actually, I don’t see the need for a navigation app that you have to pay for when Google does all of this and makes waffles for free. Can you imagine […]

iPad Microsoft Windows 7 Pretzel M&Ms Motorola Droid McDonald’s Smoothies iPod Nano Starbucks VIA instant coffee Samsung 3DTV Huggies Jeans Diapers (Tie) Kleenex Hand Towels and KFC Double Down Sandwich   How many of you moguls ate that Double Down foolishness??

The Android Tablet and Blackberry’s new device hope to challenge the iPad market.  Learn about both here: Dude’s a lame, but you get the picture…

Well, well, well. The giant is thinking of infiltrating our daily life just a little more. WSJ reports that Google plans on making software for TV sets that will allow viewers to watch more internet content from the comforts of their own TV sets. The software may be announced to the 3,000 developers expected to attend […]

I am not going to lie. I have not been been down with a Moto product since my beloved Timeport that I dropped in the toilet! (Don’t ask) But from what I heard, the Verizon Droid is the phone to get. We have been hearing about an iPhone killer since the iPhone first dropped. And […]

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