Andre 3000

About a week or so ago I posted about the dumb shit rappers have said, and it got lots of hits. Thanks Moguls. But this week I will touch on things I have learned from hip hop music. As we know everything isn’t all ignorant when it comes to rap music, if it was we […]

  Seems like all we may get from Andre 3000 are interviews, movie roles, and clothing lines. Damn shame but I guess it is what it is.

  Andre 3000 takes the time to share with us his thought process behind his iconic jumpsuits that he wore this summer touring with Big Boi.

  It’s about damn time……

Damn pigs must be outside flying because it looks like we will hear Big Boi and Andre 3000 on the same song at the same damn time! Yep Big Boi will hop on the remixes for Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter” and T.I.’s “I’m Sorry” both featuring 3 Stacks. Now to some of you it may […]

Man every time this dude speaks on OutKast my heart breaks a lil more. Maybe one day we will get that reunion. Or at least an Andre 3000 solo album.

After a sold out concert in Las Vegas, Kendrick Lamar invited TheWellVersed and 2DopeBoyz to a late night studio session on the eve of good kid, m.A.A.d city getting unleashed to the masses. In an exclusive clip of our sit down with the artist formally known as K.Dot, the Compton emcee discussed the early pressure […]

Kendrick Lamar has a classic on his hands in case you Moguls didn’t know. And I will go as far as saying good kid m.A.A.d city goes toe to toe with Nas’ Life Is Good. In this video Kendrick gives Andre 3000 a sneak peek of Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe. And from the way 3 […]

Last night at midnight Frank Ocean dropped his much anticipated album channel ORANGE. To get you hyped to hit up to buy it at iTunes, check out Pink Matter w/Andre 3000.

Rick Ross has released what looks like a pic of the back of his upcoming album, God Forgives I Don’t. The album is peppered with features including Usher, Drake, Andre 3000 and Jay-Z. GFID drops July 31st.

Three Stacks caught on the set of the new Jimi Hendrix movie…pretty good likeness I’d say. What do you think?

This album has to be one of the greatest pieces of art that Danny P has ever laid ears upon. I remember the scene like it was yesterday. Hitting up The Exclusive Company at midnight to pick-up ATLiens and New Edition’s Home Again (huge NE fan, but that is another post). Anywho, I got home […]

The whispers in the crowd are saying that Outkast will finally drop another album by early 2012. Now I am not the one to get my hopes up just to get my high blown. First of all we know that even if they drop another album we won’t be seeing it early 2012. I would […]

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So the tracklist for the next Beyonce opus recently dropped, and the Moguls have circled track 5 featuring Andre 3000!! It is as rare as a unicorn running in your kitchen with a leprechaun riding it. It just don’t happen that often unless you are under-the-influence. But somehow Mrs. Carter has pulled it off!!! Check […]

Download I think I must have played this song about ten times in a row the other day. Not just because I have a new song with Three Stacks. But because this is one of the first songs in a long time where no one gives you that Pras moment. You know where a rapper […]

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