Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is! Well how about vodka infused with lemonade? This week Jermaine Colbert, founder of Bomade Vodka joins the Lounge (31:40) to discuss his drink. He breaks down the obstacles, successes, and gives out free game!  The Black Pack also discussed cougars, R Kelly (for the last time), […]

What Mogul doesn’t love the taste of good alcohol, especially after a long day.  We all like to come home, go to our bar and pour a drink JR Ewing style and sit back and drink the days lumber away. At least I know Danny P does. And Danny P doesn’t like to drink…. how […]

If you like chocolate and you enjoy a good glass of rum, why not combine the two? For $31 you can kill two birds with one sip.

  Do you want to sip with the stars? A California winery is bringing Star Trek to your wine glasses with the release of Star Trek The WIne. Each bottle will set you back $24.99, and you can order at

  They done went and created an alcoholic beverage that taste like water but will get you drunk like a malt would!! Air is a malt beverage with 4% alcohol that is oderless, colorless, and tasteless. The drink comes in berry and citrus flavors and is available at grocery stores in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los […]

I guess some of us have some cool a$$ parents?!?! What else would you call a parent who gives their middle school student a drink or two?!?! If the parents aren’t cool, maybe we can classify them as a fool!! Business Week reports that 5.9% of 12- to 14-year olds have had alcohol in the […]

We here at UML is preparing all Moguls for the ultimate summer experience. We have laced you with music, hats, how to snatch flings, etc., now all you need to complete your lazy days is the perfect drink! What better way is there to pass the hours away than to have a nice cold beverage that not […]

So who the hell would want to drink this shit???? Bacon flavored vodka? I’ll pass! I don’t want bacon, beef, chicken, meatloaf, taco or turkey alcohol. But if this is your thing, you too can have a bottle for a mere $30! Bakon is made from potatoes and I guess you can drink it with […]

So now they are telling us that Russian professor Evgeny Moskalev has created an alcohol pill that can get you drunk! All we have to do is pop this in and go about our way and pretty soon it will get us a little woozy? I can see it now, if this hits the stores […]

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